Email Search

Looking for a tool that finds professional email addresses for you?
Try out the Cominer Email Search!

Type in a domain name to initiate searching. For instance,

Email Search

Find the right email address.

The Email Search helps you get a full list of email addresses of any company or website. It returns all the publicly available emails of a given domain. Start searching by simply typing in a domain name.

Find email addresses in volume

You can enter any number of businesses and websites. Upload the file and let the Email Search do the work.

Reachable through API

The core activities of Cominer can be done by using our API. Find email addresses from a domain through the API.

FAQ Email Search

Where do you get the data from?

The Email Search uses only public sources on the web. You will get detailed information next to the results.

What if I know the person’s full name, but I do not know his email address?

In this case we recommend to use our Person Finder tool.

Where can I use the Email Search?

Cominer website: type in a company name to get the list of email addresses.
API: build your tools around Cominer data.

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